Tips in baking bread

baking tips
baking tips

Baking the bread may be easy when you do everything correct know how to do it. Here are some tips over this – questions you may have and my answers :

Tips about baking – questions and answers:

1. How much water to add to the dough ?

– It is hard to say exactly, because we have many kind of flours, the humidity differs every day and the temperature also. The best is to check the dough density after initial mix and then add some water or the flour

2. How much water and the flour to add to the starter ?

– try to get something as a tooth paste

3. How often to feed the starter ?

– to keep it active feed it daily  or weekly when the starter is stored in  the fridge, every time remove 1/3 of the old one

4. What kind of flour to use for baking ?

– the best is to test few of them, because not every flour is good for the bread. Of course use strong bread flour. It could be from Allison –, Hovis or strong canadian bread flour 

5. Why I have to put the dough to the fridge for 8 hours ?

-storing the dough in the fridge slowing the fermentation and make the bread taste and structure better 

6. What kind of tools use for preparing and baking bread ?

– The easy to clean are plastic or silicone tools and baking pan. For baking the best is a stone plate or silicone tray


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