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The Sourdough Starter from San Francisco


Anyone who ever visited San Francisco has probably tried the famous bread there. It’s possible to make it at home, using the same culture of wild yeast, just like many bakeries in this big city do. There is a bag of active yeast in the form of a paste and a bag with the dry starter.


I use about 125g – 150 g of the starter for 1 loaf of bread, 400 g of flour, 250 ml of water.

You may keep the starter in a room temperature and feed daily with the bread flour and water or

keep in a fridge while feeding once a week.


  1. Preparing the starter:
  2. Put the starter into a bowl, add 100g of flour and 50 ml of clear, not chlorine water,   stir,   cover with a lid and wait 6 to 8 hours. During that time the mixture should rise a little.
  3. The mixture should show signs of living, like some bubbles and raised volume. If not, wait few more hours longer or till the next day.

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2 Comments on “bread starter

  1. I found your instructions about the sourdough starter confusing. I received the active yeast in a plastic bag. Can I start baking with that after adding 100 gram of flour and 50 ml of water and waiting for 6 to 8 hours? So I then don’t have any left. Do I then have to start with the dry one (which I still haven’t received). How do I do that???

    1. We should leave a little amount of the starter for the next dough, feed it with flour and water. The dry starter we may keep as a reserve and use when something bad has happened with the wet one. The dry starter has been sent to you after I had received your mail.

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