Sourdough bread baking at the home oven

bread baked in the oven
bread baked in the oven

  Baking bread  could be easy, when you do everything correct from the beginning. Very often we forget to do something very important but it is possible to do it right.

Here I try to show how to do it at home, in the oven,  using only the sourdough starter from San Francicso,  not adding any commercial yeast.



Ingredients :

– 150 g of the starter

– White bread flour (strong white bread flour) – 350 – 400 gramm

– Strong wholemeal bread flour – 20 g

– Wholegrain rye flour -15 g

– Salt – 1tsp

– Water (clear, not chlorine water ) - 125 - 150 ml

– Optional: nuts (sunflower, flax, sesame…), teaspoon of olive oil

– Mix all the ingredients with a spoon and  cover with a lid or put to the bread machine for mix only. The machines are mostly programmed for using yeast, so we may use them only for mix ingredients.


– Wait 8 – 10 hours , keeping the dough at room temperature, allow it to rise.

After that time, check the dough -

    - if it has raised rapidly - put the mixture to the fridge for   6 – 8 hours

       - if it has raised just a little, leave it at room temperature for next 6 -8 hours.


Now place the dough on a baking pan, form a ball and put to the oven to warm up few hours and we are on track to get the best sour dough bred like this from San Francisco.


Bake in the oven

Preheat the oven to 220 ° C

Put the loaf into the oven and allow it to bake for 30 minutes with both upper and lower heating elements turned on.


Bake for another 20 -  30 minutes at a lower temperature (190/180 ° C ). After that time it should be ready to take out from the oven and allow to cool.

4 Comments on “Sourdough bread baking at the home oven

    1. I use a breadmaker for mix and kneading only. Just after the first 30 minutes of kneading I switch the machine off and leave for 8 hours. After that time the dough should rise significantly. You may put it to the fridge for next 8 hours or remove the dough from the machine to the baking pan and place it in a kitchen oven for rise in temp. 60 C. for about 3 hours. After that bake in the oven in temp 220 C / 180 C. If you want to bake in the breadmaker, you have to add some yeast and butter to the dough. Generally breadmakers are built to use yeast to rise the dough. Some of them have programs to bake the sourdough bread, in such a case please follow instructions.

  1. After using the starter to make my first loaf and I wish to continue making sour dough loaves (I make my own w/meal yeast bread regularly). What do I need to do to keep the starter going and adding to it so it doesn’t run out to continue making sour dough loaves? I mean at what point do I add more flour/water to the starter and how much to keep it going? I’m very excited about making my first loaf, thank you for the dry starter, looking good so far!

    1. To keep the starter in good conditions we need to feed it daily or once a week while in a fridge. It is very important to clean the tools we use for adding flour and mixing with water. I recommend to use boiling water for cleaning all the spoons , cups or plastic boxes before making contact with the starter. Do not leave the starter too long without feeding as some other bacteria may win and make it not good for baking. Do not keep it in a very warm place as it rise quickly.

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