Short movies about baking the bread

Baking the bread.

Please watch my movie about  baking the sourdough bread ,

published in You-Tube .

It shows mixing ingredients (San Francisco starter , flour, water, salt, nuts ), kneading and rising the dough and finally baking at the oven.

And another one, also baking at the oven:

Baking the bread is really funny. Gives you the possibility to keep your body healthy, because you know what you add to the mixture. It is simple to create own bread. After few doughs, you may be an family bread expert. You will know more about flour, starter, yeast and other ingredients. 

As you see it looks easy and everybody may enjoy the home made bread.

Recipe for a this sourdough bread you may find placed at  post Basic bread.

4 Comments on “Short movies about baking the bread

  1. A beautiful loaf of bread, I have tried several times, but always failed. There are great natural bakers and there are those that would like to become a great bread baker.

    1. I think you should try a starter from me – (San Francisco sour dough starter) and follow my recipe). I,d be glad to send the starter to you for free, as I remember you have placed a comment to my movie ( Baking the sour dough bread) about a year ago. I will send you email soon, Jacek

  2. I have made my first sourdough breads with your starter and they were fantastic, probably beginners luck. Now I am concerned that in keeping the starter going it has started to lose its fruity smell and is smelling vinegary. Hat have I done wrong and how can I rectify it?

    1. Probably some other bacteria is in the starter from somewhere. It is really hard to keep it absolutely clear. I recommend to feed it daily using very clear tools. If it is already smelling bad – the best thing to do is to change the starter. You may also get a little amount of your starter, add 100 g flour and 50 g water, mix and wait till the next day. If it still smells bad – it,s time to change the starter.

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