Roast veal recipe

tasty roast veal

Preparing a dinner from veal takes about 45 - 60 minutes. Roast veal is a good choice  for people, who want eat healthy food, because it contains less fat then another kind of meat.

There is a way how to prepare a tasty roast veal on a baking pan. 


- 1 kg veal

- 3 pc. onion

- 1 tsp salt, pepper, red crashed paprica

- olive oil


Preheat the pan with oil, put the veal, bake for 3 min, turn around, make it brown every side.

Cut onions, add to the pan, bake together

Add salt, pepper, red crashed paprica, add some water, keep under a lid about 45 - 60 min.


Serve with potatoes or pasta. Also good with  groats.


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