pizza original

To make a good pizza by yourself is very easy and possible. We need same good ingredients and a bread machine for kneading and warming. Here is a way to get an Italiano style pizza.


  • fresh yeast - 30  g
  • wheat pizza flour ( class 00) - 300 g
  • olive oil - 4 tsp
  • salt, oregano, fresh basil leaves - 5 - 6 pc.
  •  mushrooms - 2 pc.
  • tomato sauce - 100 g
  • white mozzarella cheese

Preparing pizza :

Put yeast to the pan and add 30 ml warm water, 50 g flour, 1 tsp sugar.

Mix the yeast with water and flour and sugar, wait 30 minutes, keep in a warm temperature.

Wait until rise twice or more.

Add the rest of pizza flour, salt, water, olive oil and oregano to the pot.

Turn the machine on program pizza dough and let it works. After few minutes check how it looks to add more water or flour. After finished, the dough should not stick to the hand. 

Take the pizza dough out and for best results place in a fridge for 1 day. You may bake the pizza at once but I recommend to keep it in a fridge for a while.

 Prepare one or few pizza shape circles. Use just hands to form it and preheat the oven to 220 C.

Place some tomato sauce on the dough, add pieces of mushrooms, white mozzarella cheese, oregano,  basil leaves and add some oil on the top.

Place the dough to the oven, bake 10 minutes, take it out from the oven.

You should see 3 main colours, white, green and red - national Italiano colours.

Serve with the tomato sauce.


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