Daily bread – 02 June 2016

 Daily bread 02 June 2016

Today I have baked my daily bread – a wonderful one – please take a look at it:

DSC09290 DSC09291 DSC09292 DSC09293


The daily bread recipe:

100 ml of the sour dough starter from San Francisco,

150 g strong Canadian white bread flour,

150 g “Carrs” strong   bread flour,

20 g of white, wholegrain bread flour, 20 g of rye bread flour,

50 ml of clear water from a filter,

20 g of sunflower and flux nuts ,

salt – 2 tsp. (sea salt)


Preparing my daily bread:

At the evening of previous day I add everything to the bread machine and turn in on for mix and  kneading – 30 minutes. After that the machine has been switched off  and the dough was left there till 09.00  morning.

I put the dough out from the machine and put on a baking try, placing it in a home oven, turning the heating on with temp. 60 C temp.  – 10 minutes,

after 10 minutes the heating was turned off  and the dough  was left for rising – 3 hours.

Baking the daily bread:

– 30 min. in temp 220 C in a baking try,

– remove the dough from the baking try and place it on the oven grid,

– 30 min in temp. 180 C


Here is a photo of a bread baked 1 year ago:



tastes good, as it looks.


I have just got a comment about my starter :

New message from: jackriber (127Turquoise Star)

I do have a very active and strong starter now. It just took a bit more than a couple of days to see progress. Yesterday I had a very good bread. Good flour makes a lot of difference in taste and texture.

It might be an idea to mention in your guides, that the starter ‘normally becomes active in a couple of days, but can in some cases take longer’

Plan to make sourdough ‘Grislebread’ this weekend. It is a bread that was available when I grew up in south east Norway, but is now only made once a week by only one baker in the area. The bakers reason for only once a week, is due to the bread requires a lot of time and labour. The bread is sour dough with a long proofing time. Shaped a bit like a really fat and half length baguette. The crust is fantastic, due to being baked in a wood fire heated stone oven, at very high temperature first to create a ‘seal’ on both sides, and then baked finished at a lower temperature. A bit like your guide. The bread do have a very soft, but chewy inner, with a really tough and tasty crust. Often give numb jaws due to being hard to eat. But the taste makes it a joy.

Yesterday I did it easy. I mixed some starter with flour, water and salt and put it all in the breadmaker on ‘french bread’ programme. The bread turned out close to perfect. Got another sour dough bread in the breadmaker today, but I imagine to make it something really special I need to bake it in the oven.

I will send you a photo within a couple of weeks at least.

Your love for bread, is that based on good bread growing up too?


There is a short recipe of  the bread  baked at 26/06/2015:

04.15 a.m. – mixing  ingredients (10 minutes):

  • 80 ml of starter
  • 350 g white, strong bread flour
  • 50 g white, wholegrain bread flour
  • 20 g rye bread flour
  • 100 ml of clear water
  • 30 g nuts (sunflower, flax)
  • 1 tsp of sea salt

The bowl with the mixture was left for rising till 14.30.

14.30 – placing the bowl with the mixture in the fridge,

21.00 – I took the dough out from the fridge and placed on a silicone tray in the oven, forming a ball,

with the heating turned on – temp. 55 °C for rising

22.30 – the heating turned on to 220 °C – baking 45 minutes

There is a view when the dough was rising in the oven:

DSC08005 DSC08008

and in time of baking: DSC08012

Finally it has been baked and looked very good and fresch:


To order the Authentic San Francisco sourdough bread starter please go to my listing on eBay, just press  this sign below:

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