A sourdough bread in a breadmaker

Let a breadmaker help us

Most of bread machines are built to bake bread using commercial yeast.   Who wants to make a sourdough bread  without yeast,  has to do it manually.

  I have just found the way how to do it  in a breadmaker  with a really good result.

Using a breadmaker

  I have used a breadmaker to prepare, knead, rise and bake the sourdough bread.


- white bread flour - 400 g

- sourdough starter (from San Francisco) - 120 ml

- white wholegrain bread flour - 10 g

-rye flour - 10 g

- water - 280 ml

- salt - 1 tsp


Stage 1

Fill the baking pan with all ingredients, close the lid and choose a program to make a dough, without baking .

Press start and wait 30 minutes to knead the mixture,  press stop.

Stage 2

  1. Find a program -  a basic bake with choosing crust - dark and set the timer  to delay the baking to 13 hours.
  2. Add 7 gram of fresh yeast
  3. Add 10 gram of butter

Press the start button and the machine should do the rest - rising, kneading and baking.

After 13 hours the bread is baked and remove it from the pan. If you need to make it darker, use a home oven for 10 minutes with temp. 200 C

Another way, and I recommend it,  is to remove the dough from the machine after the first 30 minutes of kneading (stage 1), and let it rise in a baking pan out of the machine. You may put it to the oven and wait until rise. 

Bake in an oven :

- 30 min in temp. 220 C

- next 30 min. in temp 180 C

I may say,  baking the sourdough bread in a breadmaker  is possible, but I think, the best is to bake it in the oven. 

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