Breadbaking could be exciting hobby and may lead to get slim body and deliver wonderful taste of the breakfast, a daily bread or any meal for the  whole family and friends. Some places are very famous because of the baked bread

Baking a bread in the oven 

Baking bread  could be easy, when you do everything correct from the beginning.

Here I try to show how to do it at home, using only the sourdough starter,



A sourdough starter

The truth is, when you have a good quality starter you will be able to prepare a good, delicious bread every time.


My daily bread

Here I show my latest baked bread. Please take a look at the results:


Watch my movies about baking 

To watch my movies  about the baking and preparing the sour dough bread, please go to my post

Basic Bread 

Basic sour dough bread. Ingredients: 150 ml of San Francisco sour dough starter, 400 g of white strong bread flour, 20 g of strong wholemeal bread flour,  more ... 


Activating the dry starter

The dry starter needs few days to be fully active but it may stay at this form for a long time, months or even years. To activate it take 100 g of flour, add ..... more...

Salmon sandwich

A very fast way to prepare a delicious sandwich using sour dough bread. Put a piece of  sliced, smoked salmon on the bread and .....


Easy and fast sourdough bread

The latest post about baking fast kind of the sourdough bread - link

Tomato soup

A simply way to cook a delicious tomato soup, just press here


3 Comments on “Breadbaking

  1. Hiya I bought he sourdough starter kit.
    It arrived with some active yeast also.
    Your instructions don’t describe when to use the active yeast in conjunction with the starter?
    It’s confusing ….. Pls advise


    1. The active starter is ready to use at once while the dry one needs 3 days to be active. Please do not use the dry one until your wet one is in a good condition and active. If something is wrong with the wet one then you have the dry to activate adding some flour and water.

    2. We do not use the dry starter for baking at once. It needs to be activated with flour and water. The wet starter is ready to use at once, so do not add the dry one to the wet. Please keep the dry starter and don,t use it as long as the wet starter is in a good condition.

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